The standsurv command estimates standardized survival curves and related measures. It also allows various contrasts between the standardized functions. It is a post-estimation command and can be used after fitting a wide range of survival models. These include streg models (except generalized gamma), stpm2 models and strcs models.

Note I previously developed stpm2_standsurv, which only works with stpm2 models, but standsurv superceeds that. You can do the same things with standsurv and much, much more.

So some of the examples are the same as stpm2_standsurv. I will add more examples soon showing some of the additional things standsurv can do.

You can download a pre-release version of standsurv within Stata using

. net from 

Using standsurv

Standard Survival Models

Competing Risk Models

Relative/Net Survival Models

  • Standardized Relative Survival
  • External age-standardization
  • Loss in Expectation of Life
  • Crude Probabilities of death
Paul C Lambert
Professor of Biostatistics