stpm3 fits flexible parametric survival models. These models use splines to model the effect of the time scale. stpm3 is still at a testing stage, but will eventually replace stpm2.

I have added some examples to explain some of the features of stpm3 and differences to stpm2.

Installing You will need to install version of the stpm3, standsurv and gensplines. As explained below these are all test versions. You can install from within Stata using the code below. If you have already installed these versions you should be able to use adoupdate or just add a replace to each of the lines below.

net install stpm3_test, from (
net install standsurv, from (
net install gensplines, from (

Warning: This is currently a test version - I still need to run more checks and the syntax may change. Please let me know if you spot any bugs or have any suggestions.

Fitting stpm3 models.

Predictions (conditional on covariate values)

Marginal predictions

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