Selected Publications

A full list of my publications can be found here

I have written a book with Patrick Royston titled Flexible parametric survival models using Stata: Beyond the Cox model.

A review of the book can be found here

In the software section of my webpage you will find some tutorials on using these models.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

A full list of talks can be found here

Below are some recent/upcoming talks.


I have developed a number of Stata commands. I have added some examples of using this code and intend to add to these over time.

  • stpm2 - flexible parametric survival models
  • rcsgen - generate restricted cubic splines
  • stpm2_standsurv - standardized survival curves after fitting an stpm2 model
  • stpm2cif - cause-specific cumulative incidence function after fitting a stpm2 competing risks model
  • stcrprep - data-preparation command to fit a range of competing risks models.
  • partpred - partial predictions
  • strcs - flexible parametric model on log hazard scale

I have also worked with Michael Crowther on various bits of software. Michael is a much better programmer than me!